Fellini Red White and Blue

In the nation’s capital, a  humble photographic tribute to the master of cinematic imagination, whose intutions ring true now as ever…

“The apocalypse impends everywhere….It is easy to have grandiose thoughts: everyone has delusory intuitions. But someone whose vocation it is to tell their story to others, cannot but use their own style, even if it is faulty. It’s all a question of style.”  F. Fellini 

“Fatal societal upheavals await us. But I can’t propose any remedy, except to suggest an ultimate, extreme change in our way of thinking. And it must happen inside each of us, at the level of the individual.” F. Fellini

“After the shipwreck one can make a new beginning. The fact that all old certainties are crumbling makes me feel young. There’s something intoxicating about the end of one thing and the birth of another.”  F. Fellini

“In a world in which everything is splitting up and falling apart–children splitting from their parents, husbands from their wives, lovers from their partners, friends from each other, the rank  and file from their political parties and unions, people from themselves–I would like to make a film about reunion, about androgyny and hermaphroditism, which represents the ultimate reunion of myth, religion  and literature.” F. Fellini 

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